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Friday, January 6, 2012

HK Portfolio Manager Profile: Stanley Ku

The Hedge Fund Industry in Hong Kong is flourishing, and HK is home to some of the most advanced strategies. Below please enjoy the profile of hedge fund manager Stanley Ku.

Stanley Ku  
Complus Asset Management

Background: Stanley Ku worked at Goldman Sachs trading macro instruments in Tokyo and Hong Kong before moving to manage Fortress Investment Group’s Hong Kong office. After quitting Fortress, Mr. Ku founded Minerva Capital Management, which ceased operations in 2010. In May 2011, Stanley Ku founded Complus Asset Management.

Highlight: As PM of Fortress Investment Group's $750MM Drawbridge Global Macro Fund Mr. Ku enjoyed 12 straight years of positive returns.

Struggles: Ku's $50MM Minerva Capital Management Asian Macro Fund, founded in August 2009, closed in nine months later with a total return of -6.6%.

In the News: Ex-Fortress Stanley Ku plans hedge fund comeback with Complus

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